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Posted by National Fraternal Order of Police on Sunday, January 31, 2016

 Hateful Eight Film Boycott

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

As most of you know, film director Quentin Tarantino participated in a rally where he made statements referring to police officers as murders. He certainly has a right to say what he thinks...and we have the right to respond and respond we have.

The Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police has called for a boycott of his upcoming film, the Hateful 8, which will be released on Christmas Day. It is time to stand up to those who mischaracterize our profession and our membership. It is time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to the constant drum beat of police bashing.

So, here is what we ask of you:

1) Do not go see this film or other Tarantino products

2) Encourage your family and friends to boycott this film

3) Please post the attached graphic on your Facebook page

4) If you local lodge or your state lodge desires, please promote this boycott through social media using this graphic. You can boost your facebook post very simply by clicking the "BOOST" button and setting your budget and the duration you want the post to be boosted. A very small budget can get your post seen by thousands of people. If our local lodges each spent $40 and our state lodges spent $250 or more, this post can be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people and we can make a stand against those who wish to demonize those who swore an oath to stand between evil and the innocent.

- Chuck Canterbury & Jay McDonald

 Annual Christmas Party, December 12th at 6pm

This year's Christmas Party is again being held at the Myrtle Beach Train Depot (851 Broadway St.) Admission is $10 per person and we ask that you bring a small unwrapped gift, to donate to a child in need.

Socastee Station will be catering this year's meal. We will also be providing adult and non-alcoholic beverages.

Where else can you spend just $10, eat, drink, and socialize with your fellow brothers and sisters, in a relaxed fun environment??

Please RSVP to scfop12@fop.net

 Endorsement, 12/10/15

The Fraternal Order of Police Coastal Carolina Lodge 12 is excited to announce our endorsement of Bob Kelly for the District 3 Horry County Council seat.

We believe as Bob Kelly believes that one of the most important role of government is to provide for the safety and protection of its citizens.

Below is the main point of emphasis that FOP Lodge 12 believes is important to the voters of District 3. Benefits and salary for Horry County Police Officers are significantly lower than surrounding agencies to such a degree that valued and experienced officers are leaving Horry County in large numbers and quality applicants are no longer seeking employment with the county police department. This has a direct impact on public safety as well as the safety of officers. The Horry County Police Department is staffed well below the 2.4 officers per 1000 citizens average for the Southeast Region of the United States at an abysmal 1 officer per 1000 citizens. We ask the voters of District 3 to vote for Bob Kelly on December 22nd so that he may work to help provide the safety and protection that the Fraternal Order of Police Coastal Carolina Lodge 12 believes the citizens of Horry County are entitled to.

Jamie DeBari, President
Coastal Carolina Lodge 12
Fraternal Order of Police

 Lodge 12 Text Message Alert System

This is for a text message alert system for the lodge. Once signed up on the program, you will receive periodic text messages from the lodge concerning lodge news and upcoming events. The program is at no cost to our members. Only cost is the normal text message rates with their cellular carrier. Once they sign up, they will receive a text message stating that they are enrolled, and they do not have to reply to it.

Members can text the word "Fraternal" to: 84483

 FOP Benefits Summary


 Press Release, 04-30-2015 | Annual FOP Memorial Service

Coastal Carolina Lodge 12 of the Fraternal Order of Police will conduct its annual Memorial Service on Sunday May 3, 2015 2:30 P.M. at the Horry County Law Enforcement Memorial located on the grounds of the Horry County Government and Justice Center in Conway to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice serving the citizens of Horry County.

Law Enforcement United bicycle riders will stop for the service as they make their way to the National Memorial Service in Washington, D.C.

 Detective Heather Brummett

Accommodation presented to Detective Heather Brummett for outstanding Bravery and Service in defending her partner from a gunman.


 National Police Credit Union Letter


 Officer in Distress/ Educational Fund Campaign

Our lodge is dedicated to not only working for the betterment of our members and our profession but also to benefit the communities in which we are sworn to protect and serve. We believe that local law enforcement needs the support of their communities and we strive to work in collaboration within our communities to improve the overall quality of life. Our members consist of both retired and active law enforcement officers living in Horry, Georgetown and Marion counties...




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